Saturday, October 22, 2011

Introduction to Richard Best Sustainability Executive

Letter of Introduction

The Face of Sustainability for corporations.

Refined over the course of a 30 year professional career in sustainability as CEO, Architect, and Philanthropic Innovator, I am a passionate, persuasive and deeply informed champion for corporations seeking to enhance their profits by engaging corporate sustainability as an integrated component of their corporate culture, operations and policies.

Successful Corporate Sustainability is borne from creative, open-minded strategic planning and the courage to change – to posture sustainability as a core corporate value.

For corporations willing to recognize and engage the branding, financial and social values of sustainability, I position sustainability as a strategic business priority based upon the triple bottom line … People-Planet-Profit. This approach synergistically leverages sustainability options of human capital, natural capital and economic prosperity into profit centers, expense reductions and risk reduction.

Using a ten-step process, I create greater profitability, reduced operating expenses and reduced risk through practical sustainability implantation. Functioning as a Corporate Officer or as a Consultant, my team and I build relationships to garner the trust of officers, employees, clients and customers motivating them to embrace the value of sustainability by soliciting pride in their own actions to promote a general sense of well-being as they “walk the talk” of sustainability.

As a LEED Accredited Professional (BD+C), I am seasoned with a deep understanding of sustainability concepts and technology in energy, waste, carbon emissions, green building and other areas. Armed with such understanding, I am able to identify tools, capitalize upon opportunities and mobilize resources for sustainability planning and implementation. I am financially astute and able to develop, comprehend and translate long and short-term sustainability efforts into meaningful performance metrics for tracking and measuring success.

I am an excellent communicator with advanced oral and written abilities to influence, educate and persuade at all levels and functions, internal and external. As a credible and highly approachable leader with a natural, transparent and disarming style, I inspire people to action - promoting a climate of innovation, collaboration and participation - up, down and across corporate organizational strata.

Please consider me a resource for your Corporate Sustainability leadership needs.


Richard A. Best, Jr.